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Friday, September 09, 2011

Forgotten winter images

Winter 2010-11 was lovely. First snow fell early and we got to enjoy snow all through the winter. The snow depth measured in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki on 20 December was 67 cm, or very close to the all-time record snow depth for December, 70 cm (measured in 1915).

Both Eläintarhanlahti (Eläintarha Bay) and Töölönlahti (Töölö Bay) froze. There's nothing better than walking on ice on a sunny day! 

Tara and her male human walking under Pitkäsilta (one of the 
bridges connecting southern Helsinki with the rest of the city).
Pretty old lady posing (there was a very, 
very cute dachshund boy in the distance...!)
Tara didn't need a coat, even though it was probably -12C when the photos were taken. There was no wind and we were walking briskly, except when she forced us to stop to read love letters handsome boys had written for her:

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The art of postcards

"When hiring servants - having satisfied yourself on the points of character and suitability for the service you would have them perform - the most important matter is the quality of their penmanship and correct choice of stationery." (Ms Grey's Etiquette for Young Ladies)

My maid (ie female human) passed the test by sending me this lovely postcard with a picture of a lunch having lunch on it.