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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Cycling family

My humans love cycling. They love it more than sleeping, running, eating, or sniffing other human's pee. Weird creatures. Anyway, last week the female human broke her bike when she had her day off. It had to be fixed. When she got the bike back I got to visit a bike repair shop they frequent when they want something fixed. (Usually, we just walk past the shop, and I mark the hedge and sniff all the messages boys have left for me.)

For a 12-year-old, I move pretty quickly when visiting an interesting place. The female human had her hands full as I tried to choose presents for the male human. Maybe he'd like a new... chainguard? Or a basket? For bringing home shopping bags full of sausages-ham-cheese-eggs-maybe-even-some-liver?

There was a desk and a service area with three guys working. I quickly pushed my head inside a paper bin under the desk to check the contents. No sandwiches, no cookies. The guys were nice enough though, and I got plenty of attention, scratches, pats and petting. One of them probably owns a dog, as he held me against his thigh and scratched my shoulder just the way I like it.

I wagged my tail wildly, as usually the combination "skinny guy and a bicycle" equals my male human. I was a bit surprised the female human paid no attention to these guys. 
They had more bikes than our male (and he has at least seven)!

When we left the shop my female human was very, very happy. As soon as we left she tested her new brake lever. I realised she needs to be very carefully supervised in case she tries to actually cycle home, so I wrapped the leash around her palm multiple times.

I led the way to make sure we'll get home safely. I also kept the female human alert by criss-crossing her path multiple times to check pee marks and stare at the wild rabbits living in a nearby forest.

I'm very pleased with the fact that after years of training, the female human now knows when to stop and wait patiently. She didn't shout at the other humans, and when I spent five minutes sniffing this rhododendron bush she did not start to whine. (She did test the brake lever a few times though, but I think that's understandable. It is shiny, and she used to only have a coaster brake.)


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