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greyhound Taran ja ihmisten seikkailuja arjessa

Saturday, August 14, 2010


We visited family and met my human cousin Paavo.
At first he was a bit wary of me, but we made friends quickly.
We went out for a walk together, and we remained friends even
though I accidentally stole some food from him...

Tervasaari dog park

Tara usually finds dog parks boring (unless if there are cute miniature breed boys around). But sometimes she enjoys digging a hole. Tervasaari is perfect for digging, and big enough for a digging-triggered mad run.
And since we've had a record-hot summer, she's really enjoyed the dog beach!
No Canada geese were hurt when taking this photo - Tara finds them boring. She's only interested in common pheasants. And of course seagulls and hooded crows, since they're always eating something from the ground and she wants her share. She knows how to survive in a city.