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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We, the King and Queen of Cheese

HRH had her annual check-up. Afterwards, she quoted her late peer, Queen Victoria: "We are not amused." Don't get me wrong: everything was fine with our little lady, blood works, heart, joints and all. The vet and her assistant just dared to poke her with a needle! Oh her amusement when she managed to dodge just enough to mess up the surgery with blood.

Imagine the look on her face when the vet told us that she can continue eating the extra energy kibble, since there's no need to diet and she's still very active. She tried to drill into our brains the message "she's saying I'm skinny! thin! starving! NEED-MORE-FOOD!!!"

Our skinny beauty turns 10 today. She's slower than she used to be but still sometimes shows the other breeds how to run properly. She enjoys peaceful walks, food, cuddles, our woollen carpet (it's warm, and she **loves!!** plucking the yarns when she gets bored) and the male human massaging her shoulders and neck. We recently moved flat, and now she has a whole new neighbourhood to explore. We believe she's enjoying her lady-age and the respect she gets from puppies, male dogs and us humans. She hasn't changed much with age, though: she's still much the same she was when she moved in with us.
(We had a picnic breakfast the other day and Tara got to choose the best place to rest. And eat. And watch birds and squirrels.)