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Friday, August 29, 2008


Kaisaniemessä, piiiiiitkän lenkin jälkeen! Emäntä otti lippakioskista kahvin, minä sain jäätelön vohvelin.

Neiti Kesäheinä

Kuumana päivänä Merihaan nurtsilla: emäntä teki minulle seppeleen.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Male human has an SUV, a Bakfiets cargo bike. It doubles as a Greymobile. At first, I was a bit wary, but when humans added a soft blanket and gave me a few treats I happily jumped in. Here the female human is attaching my harness to the bike.
We started off slowly and I got loads of praise and treats for good behaviour. (Food! For nothing! All I had to do was to rest my legs and eat!)
I told female human to hand me some more treats. Greymobile has a well-trained cabin crew.
In a few minutes I was all set for real action!
This is fun! I can enjoy the view and watch people, and male human is doing all the hard work!
"Get off?? Why??!? I'll never walk again!"
For those concerned about safety: when we first tried this last autumn, we didn't have a blanket. Tara was scared of jumping to the box and obviously refused to lie down. With the blanket she gets comfortable and we are able to attach her harness to the bike. We still need to experiment with the length of the leash: too long and she's able to jump off the bike and most likely injure both herself and her human. Of course, we'll drive slowly and carefully and never forget the fact that she is a sighthound with a keen interest in small furry creatures...

Edit: check out this adorable tiny greyhound!