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Monday, June 01, 2009

Summertime, and the living is easy...

My first picnic this summer (Tervasaari park).
Female human took me swimming to the dog beach.
It took me a while to appreciate the gesture.
(A real lady never rushes to water.)

We met two of my friends, spanish greyhounds Chai
(posing next to my trendy bald thighs)...
...and Chanel, who really enjoys the weather now.
(She has quite recently moved to Finland.)
It's hard work to mingle with other skinny hounds.
Thankfully the male human remembered my blanket.
Fortunately, I didn't have to walk home.
Greymobile is all set up for the summer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, what a lovely day!

Still, please be careful when showing these pictures around.
The second from the top might cause an explosion in a retriever's brain. ("Water! Water! Water! And she's just lying there! This makes no sense! Aargh!")

... says Täti R.

6:20 pm  
Blogger IHateToast said...

she's very stoic and seems to have a partner in cool with her chauffeur. i really want that bike.

11:51 pm  
Blogger paola_ said...

Täti R., there were other dogs on the beach. And a training dummy. And exhausted owners...

Connect the dog with the message:

1. "Water! Water! Dummy! Throw the dummy NOW!" (repeated N times or till the owner passes out)

2. "Me! Me! Can I fetch as well? Can I? Can I? Can I?"

3. "A beach! Yip! I'll chase you first, and then you, and then that sparrow, and then my tail - yip! yip! yip!"

4. "No, me! Me! Huh? Huh? Can I fetch? As soon as I've chased the sparrow? And your tail? Can I? Can I? Pleeeeeeze!!"

5. "This is a lousy hotel. Loud pool games. Wet guests covered with sand. No pool bar. No staff. No grill. No towels. No massages. Next year, we'll go to the Ritz."

A. Labrador puppy
B. Unidentified miniature breed
C. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
D. Greyhound
E. An adult Labrador

(Somehow I've got a feeling this is an easy one... ;)

8:11 am  
Anonymous mace said...

Seems like a great day :) That greymobile is ace!

6:27 pm  
Anonymous Terri said...

yay! The greyhound mobile is back! A greyt set of photos from what looks like a gorgeous day and a fun family outing. I'd better not let Sabrina see the bike or she'll have expectations ...

6:52 pm  
Blogger thebellagreyhound said...

iris and snork agree - a real lady only goes into the water if she FEELS liks it.

can you see me and Katy riding those bikes around - it would hilarious!

2:02 pm  

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