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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two years and a bit*

Muutin kaupunkiin noin 2,5-vuotiaana, lokakuussa 2005. Tässä olen juuri hypännyt autosta ja nuuhkin rantaa ensimmäistä kertaa.Kun pääsin sisään, tein ensin kaikki asiat matolle ja sitten vetäydyin oudon mutta mielenkiintoisen miehen viereen vuoteeseen. Rapsutukset kelpaavat aina.
*We got Tara when she was about 2,5 yrs old. These are the very first photos taken when she moved to Helsinki - she's a bit wary, but loves a good scratch :-) Notice the collar, nowadays we use a harness (a shame really, as harnesses are plain and simple and hardly ever decorated).


Anonymous Terri said...

Tara is gorgeous! She definitely has moved in and settled in. Why did you switch to a harness? Sabrina and Apollo walk very well with a collar, they don't pull at all.

6:50 pm  
Blogger thebellagreyhound said...

Tara is wayyyyy cut! I just want ti give her a big hug!

Get out the hot glue gun and cover the harness with fake jewels!! We did that to a big plastic hot pink muzzle - we gave it the 'bling' factor!!

4:39 pm  

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